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Whether you are a student looking for internships, a nonprofit hosting great events, an expert looking to give back, or a company looking for talent, San Diego Tech Hub exists to help you plug in to the resources you need to be successful in San Diego. All services are free of charge and this effort is led by tech volunteers.

Be The Boss logo

The goal of the Be the Boss program is to show that being an entrepreneur doesn’t take a lot of money or fancy degrees.

The six week program is targeted at passionate underrepresented youth that do not readily have access to business and entrepreneurial resources to help them formulate a legitimate business idea.

The vision is to create a network of young entrepreneurs that will learn from one another, teach each other, and spread the message that anyone can be their own boss.

In this program, the students will learn the skills to take a passion, build a pitch, learn marketing techniques, and make their business idea a reality. The goal is to build confidence, pride, and hope for these students.

How to get involved:

We are currently preparing for our pilot program which starts in June. Click the button above to fill out the online form, and we will be in contact to fill in any remaining spots.

Bright Ideas logo

The Bright Ideas Hackathon program is a series of Hackathons that will give underprivileged youth aged 13-18 exposure to creating apps or digital product ideas that bridge the digital and physical world with mobile technology and bluetooth low energy beacons.

All skill levels are encouraged to participate. Volunteers will be available to help with designing the UI/UX as well as development.

Teams will be organized within 3 age groups (under 14, under 16 and under 18). Any participant may join a team in an older age bracket.

Final submissions will be judged based on innovation, teamwork, communication, and implementation.

The winning teams from each event will have an opportunity to have local developers (open source community members and college/code school students) assist them in building out their project/idea as an open source project.

We're looking for volunteers and sponsors. Click the button above to fill out the signup form.

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The LaunchPad program is geared towards helping startup companies and entrepreneurs build the fundamental knowledge required to launch a successful company.

Our goal is to provide access to free resources and support in building a pitch deck, defining a marketing plan, and doing any competitive analytics. Basically we want to help make sure your idea is sound.

Success for this program is getting you to the stage where you can present your idea in front of investors for potential funding. With the knowledge gained, you will have the ability to set your own path of creating your destiny.

There are multiple ways you can get involved:

  1. We are looking for startup and entrepreneurs that want to be part of the program as we are currently preparing for our pilot launch.
  2. We are looking individuals and companies to help be mentors and coaches.
  3. We are looking for partner inventors.

If you would like to get involved in this program, please sign up and someone will be in contact with you.


Our purpose is to connect San Diego Tech Hub members to local mentorship programs to support education and career progression resulting in a stronger tech community.

This program supports education and career progression by providing resume reviews, career guidance, job search guidance, and longer term connections. We are looking to create a Mentor Bot to facilitate higher quality connections in an efficient way.

Every Saturday from 10AM to 2PM, community members from around San Diego get together to collaboratively contribute to open source projects.

The group is open to people of all backgrounds, skill levels, and expertise. It is generously hosted by Dan Hendricks at Open Source Maker Labs in Vista. Open source is about more than software, thus OSML provides the tools necessary to contribute to hardware and IoT projects as well. OSML features a full workshop with 3D printing, electronics, robotics, and CNC machines.

  1. Create a fun, motivating, inclusive environment to foster consistent open source contributions.
  2. Provide an avenue for mentorship so newer devs can learn how to contribute to open source. From git workflows to branching strategies to commit messages, participants will learn the conventions of working with git on a collaborative team.
  3. Establish San Diego as a hotbed of open source contribution.

If you are an open source maintainer, or if you are familiar with a particular project, Open Source Saturday is a great opportunity to onboard new contributors. If you are a new developer who would like to learn how to contribute to open source, you will find experienced contributors who can provide guidance. If you are an experienced developer yourself, you will find a motivating, collaborative atmosphere to have fun making new contributions. And if you are not a programmer, the group could use your insights into visual design, user experience, accessibility, and more.

How to get involved:

  1. Attend Open Source Saturday from 10AM - 2PM at Open Source Maker Labs in Vista
  2. Start your own Open Source Saturday Meetup by filling out the form.

The SDTH Network is a community driven project aimed at connecting needs to opportunities. There are two points to the network:

  1. Community: This includes individuals, businesses, organizations that have an interest in finding jobs, sourcing talent or making a difference.
  2. Needs and Opportunities: This includes providing resources, experience, and access to events based on the need of the community.

The problems we want to solve include:

  1. Help talent (i.e., skilled, transitioning, or new) find qualified jobs with no friction or barrier to entry.
  2. Provide free or discounted resources (i.e., collaboration space, food, speakers, other services) to individuals in need.
  3. Promote the concept of collaboration over competition by providing visibility to various program and events encouraging partnerships.

How to get involved:

The scope for Phase 1 is focused on helping qualified talent find jobs with no friction or barrier to entry.

As part of this, we are currently doing user sessions to understand needs and pain points for:

  1. Individuals (trying to find a job across various skill sets/experiences)
  2. Businesses (looking for talent that matches their needs)
  3. Educational Institutions (seeking to find the right criteria to ensure students are marketable for the workforce)

If you are interested in being part of the user group to gather requirements for this program, fill out the signup form.


SDTH Tech Talks logo

The mission of San Diego Tech Talks is to bring high quality content to the San Diego community about once a month to bring people in the tech community together.

The talks are usually a blend of two disciplines to get people interested in tech that may not have had a previous avenue into the discipline.

For instance, how is machine learning affecting finance? Think TED Talks, but live and in San Diego. At each event, companies will get a chance to broadcast opportunities at their companies and individuals will get a chance to announce their skillsets to continue to grow and diversify our community.

Join the meetup or contact Ryan if you are interested in helping out!

Our program is about creating a hub of sponsors to support organizations within the San Diego technology ecosystem.

How to get involved:

Reach out to one of the community pillar members who can answer how your institution can support our initiative.

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